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Ideas for Small Entryways

Wide entryway with white walls and white front door with a round mirror hanging above black wooden entrway table.

How to make a big first impression

The entryway of a home often gets short shrift, upstaged by the kitchen or living room. But given that the entry is the first impression guests get of your home, it deserves to be a room that shows off a bit of your personality. (Plus, when you walk in the front door at the end of a long day, you want your entryway to make you feel anything but stressed.)

When considering an entryway refresh, you’ll want to combine style with functionality, for space that looks good but also works hard. No matter whether your entryway is a defined room or a nook, the following tips can help you get started—simply choose which ideas work best for you.

Add a rug

A rug serves multiple purposes—it’s a place for wiping wet shoes, for preventing dirt from being tracked throughout the house, for protecting flooring and for adding texture, color or pattern. Because a rug will get heavily used, it needs to be durable and easy to clean.

Small entry way with white walls and black door with a black wooden bench that has white pillow décor and fur blanket. Protect floors and add texture with a rug.

Include a console table

If you have the real estate, a wide, narrow console table is perfect for holding grab and go items, such as keys, sunglasses and outgoing mail. To avoid clutter, utilize a small basket for stowing said items out of eyesight. You can also use a console table to display art, potted plants or your favorite found objects. 

Modern wooden table with rustic vase and bowl with contemporary nature framed art hanging right above. A console table is perfect for displaying favorite objects.

Get hooked

No room for a console table? Individual wall hooks or a hook rack are also ideal for keeping keys at the ready. 

White wooden wall entryway with two hooked hats on the wall a black hat and a brown one. A shoe rack keeps footwear tidy.

Add a floating shelf

Another alternative to a console table is a floating shelf—a space saving landing spot for those smaller, everyday items. Even better? A floating shelf with pull-out drawers, so you can keep the dog leash and lint brush out of sight, but also use the shelf for displaying a bud vase or framed photos. 

Floating white shelf with green plants, a framed dragonfly and other decor. No room for a console table? Try a floating shelf.

Make room for shoes

A shoe rack, shoe tray or even a shoe storage cabinet is a great way for corralling sneakers, sandals, boots and the like. You’ll find these handy organizers in a variety of materials, colors and styles, making it easy to find something the complements your décor.  

Black metal shoe storage bench with two pairs of shows. A shoe rack keeps footwear tidy.

Take a seat

Having someplace to sit while putting on shoes or taking them off is always handy, as is having a spot to hold packages as you’re getting ready to head out the door. A bench with storage space underneath works twice as hard—you can use that space for wicker storage baskets to hold dog toys, hats, gloves and kids’ sports equipment. 

White wooden staircase with light blue accent furniture and pillows. Putting on shoes is easier when there’s someplace to sit.

Hang things up

Short on closet space or just tired of rummaging through a packed closet?  A freestanding coat rack pulls double duty as a place to hang outerwear while also injecting a little personality into your entryway. Make sure it has a sturdy base so it doesn’t topple over when loaded down. 

Entry area with white wall and door with coat hanger and wooden table in entry way. A freestanding coat rack is a great substitute for closet space.

Prevent drips

An umbrella stand is essential for keeping your umbrella at the ready, as well for preventing drips all over the floor on a rainy day. An umbrella stand is also a simple way to add a statement piece to your entryway. Look for styles that are easy to clean and can accommodate a variety of umbrella sizes. 

Mudroom area with wooden wall, a bench with shows and a wire basket with a green and yellow umbrellas.

Enhance natural light

If you’re looking to make a compact entryway seem bigger, add a mirror. A mirror will reflect light, making the space feel more open. Installing a mirror is also another opportunity for you to add a little pop of personality—and, of course, take one last look before you head out the door.  

Dark green wall with plant and geometric artwork next to a green entryway table with an round black accent mirror.

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